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I cant breath n my chest hurts….. idk wut to do

I cant stop crying… i got 3 hours of sleep, ive been crying since 8pm last night… all i wanted was a good day. Thats all…a good day w the one i love to forget about the pain and the depression… i just wanted to smile… and now im crying so hard i can barly breath and im alone…


fish gossip whats the haps flounder


fish gossip whats the haps flounder

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Full Moon Dates for 2014







January 15th
February 14th
March 16th
April 15th
May 14th
June 12th
July 12th
August 10th
September 8th
October 8th
November 6th
December 6th

for my followers who are werewolves

for my followers who are dating werewolves

to all my followers that want to avoid werewolves

for all my followers who want to become werewolves

for all my followers who hunt werewolves

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Belle, there’s something I want to show you. 

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I kinda miss this show.

i thought this show was as weird as hell

i didn’t appreciate its art style till now though

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Let’s play ‘what anime character am I?’


Send me an anime character I remind you of and why. Anon or off anon.

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